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The history of Tusk is a long and difficult story. It was formed out of the former band "YourSceneSucks".
One day Philip and Alex came up to me with the idea of having a keyboard in their metal band.

And suddenly I found myself singin in this band.
So the new band was nearly complete but we needed a bassist.
We didn't know many bassists but the one we knew was the perfect one.

  But there is still one question: What does "Tusk" mean?
 On a trip with a good friend of ours Ani we talked about our new band project and immediatly got ourselves in a big discussion about a bandname.
We wanted something catchy, something short and something rememberable but at the same time something cool.
 At some point Ani talked about a Halloween party she went on dressed up as a Tusken Raider from Star Wars.
That's it!!! Tusken!!! another 2 hours of discussion later we agreed on the name "Tusk".

Markus Nestele - Vocals
Philip Wilbert - Lead Guitar
Patrick "Slayer" Adler - Bass
Fabian "Bre" Kessler - Drums